Thursday, February 28, 2008

Neither Here Nor There…

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Visiting to New York was like visiting an ex-boyfriend—you know, those relationships that ended on amicable terms. This New York life, formerly known as mine…I’ve never visited New York with a round-trip ticket to return elsewhere.

Yes, I’m still trying to get myself wrapped around the idea of moving. I know people do it all the time-- even live in multiple cities in their lifetime, but not this New Yorker. I’ve been living in Park Slope for almost 15 years. Pre- “Park Stroller” and Starbucks on 7th Avenue.

It was a rough landing arriving to JFK, the most ugly, dirty unwelcoming airport in the World. It can say that, having been to 9 airports in the last couple months. I can’t believe that JFK (and LaGuardia for that matter) actually are the first impression of, and the Ambassador to New York City. Well, I can believe it-- I just don’t get it. The Austin airport by contrast, has live music everyday and I just may eat from the floor.

Good ‘ol Continental Car Service got me right to the Brooklyn Museum where I worked for a few days. Luckily, when I landed I got a call to work at BAM Friday night, and sat in the front row to see Brooklyn’s “The National” a popular indie band. I ran into a friend, Ramona Clifton, who by chance bought a last minute front row ticket, so there we were together. (thanks for the image above, Ramona!)

A highlight of the week was The Alt Oscars party ( on Sunday night when all the overwhelming feelings that I had visiting were gone for just one silly send up to the Oscars night, and it was fun. I dressed as Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan, and was awarded the best female impersonator Alt.Oscar Award! What a thrill an Alty! Weee! I also won the Oscar pool, but I now I need to play catch up on all those films I haven’t seen.

I’ve been getting in habit of unsubscribing to my New York life (Film groups, yoga E-news etc.) that I’ve worked so hard to create. I reply with relocating-unsubscribe. Now, I’m joining new groups…and noticed that the ratio of (area code) 512 phone #’s in my cell phone is catching up to the 212/917/646 and 347s. It’s interesting how our cell phones carry our history. My 917 will always be with me.

I heard on NPR a new campaign called “ I Live New York” targeting young New Yorkers to stay in the city, but they aren’t the people buying up all these new condos. Who are these people? Hedge and Trust funders? They are for sure no one I know.

I’m neither living in New York nor settled in Austin, and so, this is my life at the moment.

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