Sunday, June 24, 2012

I like New York in June and Laughing Lotus--the Epicenter of my Soul

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I know--at the very least I should have quarterly updates. OK I will from here on out I will. Starting with the Summer Solstice time --how auspicious--everything brimming with potential--I want to live in the lush garden of possibility.

Leave it to Laughing Lotus to get me inspired to dust off my blog for a fresh entry. Yes NY in June. Thanks I needed that--a little bit of everything this trip--sweet quality family time with my Parents (celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary), Brothers, Sister in Law, Niece and Nephew, friends, a Broadway show (Porgy and Bess with Audra McDonald) and a Yoga Summit at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center. Much to be thankful for after such a roller coaster of a year with my Father's triple bypass surgery in late August combined with a Hurricane Irene on a Saturday night sleep over int he waiting room of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital...but alas I digress. Still, I love sitting around the breakfast table quipping and laughing and basking in each other's company. It's rare that we're all together--once a year at best. June is our time.

This weekend was a bit of an unexpected emotional flash-back of my journey on the yoga path. I was reminded of how I first stepped foot in LL in 2000-- was because I was filming for "Praise HA!" Well that was a life-changing happening on the Wendini timeline. You never know when those moments or people show up. But there they were --Dana & Jasmine with a small studio in the West Village above a jazz bar on Christopher street.

Now Laughing Lotus is a thriving community center on West 19th street with 3 studio spaces. I still have the indian pink/yellow fabric square that questions and the general inquiry to becoming a yoga teacher (or latest deepening the path in the 200 hour certification with Teacher Training). I mean, what yoga center has a "glitter bar" or a disco ball"? Yes I'll have a double shot of shimmer please...

Landing back in Austin with a refreshed attitude and feeling inspired by the teachers summit, and was looking forward to a date I had on the calendar for today to lead a yoga private to my friends (couple)--I was pleased to know I still got it baby! Being back in the saddle of teaching, it was a nice place to re-visit.

I considered running in a Triathlon this week . I chewed on this possibility, weighing out the pros and cons in the 2-column notepad in my mind. After attending an info meeting and seeing what is really the time/financial/energy output of it all. Finally, today, while cleaning the yoga studio, it came to me--The answer was "No." Not this time. Yes, this is on the bucket list and I would like to commit perhaps next year, but it didn't feel entirely right this go-round. And you know what Bob Dylan says: "If it ain't right, it's wrong"

I have enough to do with what I have and don't need to spread myself so thin or feel obligated to anything. I'm all for getting my ass kicked in a 1/2 Triathlon. I like the idea of working toward something bigger than myself, the power of community, collective giving and teamwork. :)

Perhaps another update soon...