Monday, September 29, 2008

ACL: Austin City Limits or is it limitless

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Now I feel officially broken in as an Austinite. I've experienced SXSW back in March and ACL in Zilker Park walking distance (w/a hill) from home.
I bought a legitimate bracelet after a scalper tried to pull a scam on me by selling me one that had been worn the night before. Even Austin has the seedy element. So, I wore this used bracelet and security checked it and the little plastic holder slid right off--which it shouldn't. No, I didn't pay this guy any $--and I knew something was fishy when he said "After today you give the bracelet back to me"--and so it goes.
Three adjectives to describe ACL: hot, dusty and loud--not in a bad way, just one that reminds me that I'm older than I once was and my tolerance for crowds has diminished. The dust was less than recent years I'm told, but a fashion statement was the bandana-bandit look. I get it--I had dirt in my nostrils by the end of each night.
Rebecca shared the logical rule of 3's as advised from Brain Beck on KGSR. See three songs and move on. It was the only way to solve the choices dilemma like Robert Plant/Alison Karuss vs. Beck for example--positioned on opposite side of the park. I caught the beginning of Plant/Krauss and cut out at when T-Bone Burnett (who paired up Krauss and Plant) came out as a guest and caught the last part of Beck. Beck is a revolutionary I love him--the album Sea Change is one of my all time favorites.
Then there's technology--finding friends though the power of text! There were lots of flags and balloons up everywhere int he crowd as landmarks. I found Tony by the helium hamburger balloon.
Here in the picture is a band I hadn't heard of called Okkervil River which had a sentimental 80's sound like The Cure meets the Replacements. Good Times. On some level ACL is like New Year's since 5769 begins tonight. L'shanah Tovah.I'm running to catch up from a month of non-stop go go go as we ramped up for our Fall Fusion event at work and now settling into the beginning of the holidays. Tonight marks the Jewish New Year (5769). I video taped an adorable 3 yr. old blowing the shofar last week (on YouTube) who then says "Shanah Tovah". Who knew a year ago I'd be living in Austin when the next New Year rolled in? (hint: not me).