Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scenic Gumbo: Vanishing Austin

Yesterday Austin Officials celebrated the City’s designation as a “Preserve America Community.” and last night at the J was a reception & talk for Jann Alexander, a Photographer that celebrates & documents the "scenic gumbo" that contributes to keeping Austin weird. She successfully contrasts the old with the new--the new condos surfacing juxtaposed with old signs or buildings. "I try and keep ahead of the wrecking ball" she said.

I have an affinity for Jann--she is also an East-Coaster that "got here as quick as she could"--now having lived here for 1.5 years, it was interesting to hear some of the stories behind the signs from some native Austinites--like from JCAA member, Sandy Dochen.

I just love those old retro signs--the type of eye candy you don't see much of anymore--except in Austin! My first post-Bali blog post in Austin (Jan. 2008) was the famous phalic sign at the Austin Motel that reads "So Close Yet So far Out". I think those signs were part of the lure that got me hooked into Austin...and figuately a sign that I belonged here. I love that Jann is celebrating these whimsical treasures with her vibrant images. They indeed do capture what is, to me, the pulse of Austin...a reminder that you are indeed experiencing some place special.

Visit: http://austindetails.com to see her work and she is open to suggestion if you have any ideas of what's vanishing next!