Monday, March 2, 2009

Dancin' Dancin' Dancin'

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Mystical Musings has been on Blog hiatus of sorts.
Here's me blowing the proverbial dust off. One thing I'll share is that when the going gets tough, Wendy gets quiet.

There have been some challenges in my life of late that has me well, internal. This should be the first place I turn--to write & process...ah but I'm here now. I've been recently inspired by a friend who has been in her own personal challenges and has sought to scribe. The power of the word (which sometimes can backfire). She has written several blog posts a day. OK-I'm rolling up my sleeves--because mystical musings do happen often. Those little A-HA! moments.

The amount of synchronicity & coincidence I experience on a daily basis amuses me. I'm reminded that I am tapped into the flow of the universal faucet. It's the power of positive thinking, the power of attraction.

Dancin' Dancin Dancin'--I remember when this show was on Broadway--and I remember the re-brith of Swing as a new trend sometime in the early/mids 90's I didn't latch on then, but I have now.

So far I've taken Swing and Lindy Hop 1, tomorrow begins Lindy 2 and perhaps a refresher of Lindy 1. All at Four on the Floor. ( Dance classes are in the most beautiful, grand Georgian building, called The Fed on 24th and San Gabriel. It's a throw back in time. It feels majestic just to walk in. The high ceilings, the expansive of the wood dance floor, the 30's & 40's, 50's period music to dance to. It's all about floor time. The best feeling is being in the zone while dancing--moving, feeling it, connecting with another person--and when the song is over and my heart is beating and I'm filled with bliss. It's a fantastic high.