Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SXSW: Options Paraylsis

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SXSW:Interactive-Film-Music takes over Austin, there is so much going on--such over stimulation --films, panels, parties oh my! I made up this phrase a long time ago: Options Paralysis: of or pertaining to too much going on with too many choices to make while curbing the stress of wanting to do it all. Where is the Zen balance in this? There are film screenings that overlap, parties to attend where the decision making factor is which will have the best food? When Morgan Spurlock or Matt Dillon are at the event--we know we made a good choice. Oh that's so shallow to say--it's the people of course. AT SXSW everyone you meet is someone you'd like to know, and mostly people are very happy to be here and everyone loves Austin.
Some good films I've seen are Joe Maggio's Paper Covers Rock a sweet story done on a shoe string budget filmed in Park Slope--yes, it made me sentimental to see the heroin ride her bike past my street. Also, Jay and Mark Duplasses' Baghead and a quirky, a-dork-able film "Nerdcore Rising" about nerd hip hop movement and tour.
Last night Trish, Jesse and Kevin hopped on the RVIP karoke van and rode from the Plutopia party to the Austin Chronicle party at Zona Rosa. So much fun, and in bed by 1:00.

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