Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bike Urban, Eat Local: The Austin Urban Bike Tour

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When Jodie Smith put out feelers for who wanted to join her on the Austin Urban Bike Tour “10 miles, $25, 25 kisses” how can I say no? I find that every time I say “yes” I’m blissfully rewarded. This was one of those memorable days where I felt alive-- like I had really savored the nectar of life—start to finish.

Waking to a ccccold Austin morning (yes, it’s true) wasn’t quite the incentive I was looking for—Austin’s bark is bigger than it’s bite in terms of the cold—sure it was freezing at 8 AM, still quite cold at 10 AM, then suddenly around 11 AM the layers start peeling off, and the crispy morning weather surrenders to the southern sun—with a high of 70. Yum! December in Austin feels like October in NY—and that’s winter. Temperatures don’t go much below 32—even on a cold night.

Eat Local Week is a fundraiser for Urban Roots, a youth development program that uses sustainable agriculture as a means to transform the lives of young people and to increase the access of healthy food in Austin.

Jodie has a convenient double bike rack-so, after a migas breakfast at chez moi, the bikes were on and off we went to the Farmer Market downtown. The only bike I have is my Flipside “playa” bike—which was a $30 Goodwill purchase decorated with plastic flowers. I like it always makes people smile when they see it. The bike did just fine—although my butt and thighs are achy today! The first stop was Boggy Creek Farm in East Austin, followed by a back yard Tea Party hosted by Zhi Tea and culminating for us at Rain Lily Farm.

Jodie pointed out how exciting it feels to experience a ride like we did collectively in a large group—seeing and meeting new friends along the way.

Later that night I went to a couple “Progressive Potluck” parties with Jenny, continuing the eco-conscious theme of the day.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Planetary convergences

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“Skywatchers across the world are in for a celestial treat as two of the brightest naked-eye planets, Venus and Jupiter, slowly converge in the evening skies for a celestial summit on November 30.” While I did get a glimspe and I was aware of the planetary happening (like any good inter-galactic pixie), but simultaneously a not so harmonious summit was happening in my stomach. In fact just 24 hrs ago. Perhaps that’s why they call it the 24 hour flu. It was enough to have knock me out and have me stay home today. Here’s what I see outside my front door, the only time I’ve gone outside today. It’s pretty magical, like Austin.

What it’s December? Already? Wasn’t it just that my parents came in for their Austin tour on Halloween? Since then I suppose November had it’s own highlights—Sorry a blog entry hasn’t one of them ☹ With the advent of Facebook I feel like I’m updating and updated all the time with people. Facebook is better than Google-ing to find someone, and to think just a year ago, I poo poo’d Facebook saying it was just for college kids, and now it’s spread like wild fire—like the trend of people bringing their own bags to the super market-- I’m not sure when it tipped, but I’m glad it did. I have my friends, relatives and even my High School classmates now are re-connecting using Facebook.
I first learned of Twitter a year ago, but I haven’t warmed up to it as much as I get invitations to Twit and Tweet, my every thought and move-- I see that can change to in time.

I’ve been pretty sentimental lately—having just celebrated my first Thanksgiving in Austin, with people I consider dear friends, whom I didn’t even know a year ago--and now, just a few days away from when I left with Cheryl for Bali which started the beginning of ‘the year of infinite possibilities’…

Ed and I are going to New York for the holi-daze, we’re excited for the adventure (NYC, Upstate, New England) but not the cold. I’ve become a real pussy with cold weather. How did I ever live in New York anyway?