Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Real Halloween Zombie

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This year that would be me. (The picture accompanying this blog post is from last year.)
What I thought was a common cold was bronchitis. After walking around with no voice, coughing a lot and generally feeling crummy for over 2 weeks I finally went back to the Doctor. He took X-Rays and did blood work and we learned I have Pneumonia which explains everything! I've never had such a stretch of time where I've been so 'un-well'. Phew! So, I'm not crazy (although others may argue this). I'm in good hands & on a strong antibiotic now, but three days ago my white blood cell count was 25 and 11 is considered normal. Dr. Schneider said "My jaw dropped--you know 9 out of 10 doctors would have put you in the hospital". Well I'm glad he was the 1 that didn't--now my WBC count is down to 16--so the meds are working and I'm feeling better than I have in days.

This is the most quiet Halloween for me to date. I just finished giving out candy to the neighborhood kids. Although I'm aware of the various parties everywhere this evening--and photographing friends stopping by as they're off to take on the night--I feel relieved that I'm off the hook this year. Right now, there's nothing more compelling than a hot cup of tea and a good book, or perhaps 'cracking out' to Bravo watching entire past seasons of 'America's Next Top Model'.