Saturday, April 26, 2008

Her name is Nellie. As in Whoa Nellie!

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6 months ago today was Cheryl Smith’s birthday and it marks the ½ year anniversary of me stepping foot in Austin, TX. The idea of moving to Austin wasn’t even in my purview. Two days ago (4/21) I bought my first car. It was one of the most thrilling days of my life—I thought she’d be a Toyota or Honda—but here she is-- a white, 2006 Chevy Cobalt—sporty two door car with 53.7 K miles. I drove right from Jarnagin’s Car Dealership ( to Yogagroove and forgot to turn off my lights—so I came out of class sweaty with a dead battery. Some of my Yoga pals (Lydia, Rosie and Wayne) were on hand to loan the jumper cable, use their car and guide the grounding of the black jumper connection—never a dull moment. Lydia gave both Rosie and I a car blessing—the three of us, standing by each car, eyes closed, envisioning safety for all who are in the vehicles and affirming protection from our spirit guides since we both have new vehicles—no license plates yet. I have to go to the Texas DMV and get a new driver’s license—which means I’ll have to relinquish my New York I.D. –the only thing I’m holding onto is my mobile # as NY it is a part of me.

Perhaps buying a car happens everyday for most people—but coming from NY and getting in the driver’s seat as daily habit is indeed a novelty—and I’ve been driving quite a lot as I’m helping drive Brits around for the Fuse Box Festival. More on that later…

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Damn Yankee!

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Everyone has their own particular story of how they landed in Austin—it’s usually they visited, got seduced (like I did) and moved a couple weeks or months later. Austin has that effect on people. I feel like I didn’t even chose it—actually, Austin chose me.
At the Austin Arts Fair last weekend, I filled out this chalk board “I AM _________”. I love this concept and have done this before in NY, so seeing this installation traveling art message resonated anew since I had some thing fresh to fill in the blank with.

I started this blog 5 months ago on a full moon and here I am, on a full moon, post Bali and now post NY embarking on this new beginning-although I wasn’t running from anyone or anything per se—I think it’s that I’m running from the running, or I choose not to run anymore—the hamster in a habi-trail NY-lifestyle is fine for awhile—but it’s nice to slow down and embrace a whole new way of being. One is not better than the other—I realize changing mid-life course is what has me feel fulfilled, alive and brimming with possibility.

Tonight I was invited to a Passover Sedar at the home of Mark Salmanson. It was a lovely evening considering I wasn’t with my parents and Harry Hahn et. al. I’ve learned that I’m a Damn Yankee-while Yankees can come and visit, a Damn Yankee is one that comes here and stays. Driving a UHaul in the deep south to a life yet still unknown, I learned so much going through the literal and emotional attics of my life in the ultimate uprooting. It's fascinating how one act leads to another and creates a new destiny—if I had never gone to Cheryl’s birthday hootinanny back in October, then the Bali trip wouldn’t have been hatched, which I now know was the cosmic appetizer for this radical move.

Monday, April 7, 2008

My entire life fits in a 14" Ft. U-Haul

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Memories in the dust bunnies under my dresser and bed.
This is the end of an era. An emotional NY Whirlwind. In the interim I can be found in a small room in Cheryl Smith's home-whom I have known for 15+ years though another troupe called The Phurst Church of Phun.
I'm strapping in for my inter-state (if not inter-galactic) travels spreading pixie dust from NY to Austin by way of Maryland/Atlanta/Mississippi, visiting friends en-route.