Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a Wonderful World

It’s a full moon Saturday night in Gemini on the witching hour on perhaps the most abundant weekend of the year-- Thanksgiving. Good time to start a Blog, eh? I have accounts on MySpace, Tribe and Friendster but I'm not particularly active on any of these—so having my very own electronic diary where people can know of my latest adventures in just a click suited this particular journey, and, me thinks I have the chops, to be good at this--writing that is.

I’ve just come home from The Full Moon at CoSM

( Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Alex Grey’s art space and it was quite powerful— Allyson Grey started tonight’s gathering referencing this week’s Torah parsha about Jacob and Esau. The theme being relapse and redemption —falling back and then cleaning it up--ah, divine forgiveness.

This community nutures group sharing and blessings by creating intentions for the month the come. I can’t help but feel the unconditional love and support –and it brings up extreme gratitude for me.

I’m gearing up now, and I have to say, it feels big-- like I need to strap in and keep a rifle of pixie dust with me to help navigate this international (if not inter-galactic) sojourn. I do have a travel companion and dear friend from my Phurst Church of Phun Phamily, Cheryl Smith, who I will credit now as she had the air miles and I had the destination—Bali. Indonesia has me credit another friend, Carrie Svingen, who we will be staying with.

When I opened this account, the profile information asked “What is the name of your Blog?” What? I have to name it, and be clever on the spot? Can’t it just be Wendy Corn’s Blog or even gr8wendini’s? Then it came to me from a book I picked up in India by Sadhguru called “Mystic’s Musings”, I thought I can have a Blog entitled 'Mystical Musings' and I hope a-musing too-- because I fancy myself being a conduit in alternative philosophies and observations.

This brings me to my next thought, and that is the inspiration of Author Elizabeth Gilbert of “Eat, Pray Love” –soon-to-be-a-movie-fame. When I asked a girlfriend if she had read the book, she responded “Are you kidding? Any female between ages 15 and 60 has read this book”—and yes, it’s like required reading for women leading a conscious life—and she’s a captivating writer and would probably be a friend of mine to boot.

I bring her up to say we have some parallel: She goes to Italy, India and Bali (To Eat, to Pray and to Love—get it?) anyway my last two trips have been to Italy in 2004 for my parents 50th wedding anniversary, then I took my yoga certification to the South of India in 2006, where I taught, prayed and meditated and now I’m off to the nucleus of paradise—did I mention that I love my life?

So thank you and I hope that these ‘mystical musings’ yet to come are well timed, bring a smile to your face and allow you some window to have a vicarious moment with me.

Consider this posting an invitation to travel with me, when the time and space are right for you to check in.
I always think in terms of the cosmic faucet being ‘on’ and I whether I hold my cup under the water or not, is up to me. I invite you to hold your cup and fill up for what ever adventures are yet to be.

I walked out of the subway this evening and there was a busker in the station at the 7th Ave. F-train stop in Park Slope singing Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”

I see skies of blue and clouds of white The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night And I think to myself, what a wonderful world…