Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

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It’s 2 months since I left New York. I’m still on a trip although it doesn’t look like Bali. I suppose it’s the trip that is my life.

Is this the Twilight Zone or is it just Austin, TX.? I’m continually reminded that I’m not from ‘round here, yet I’m bask in the everyday novelty. When you are born and raised in New York, Texas is indeed like another country and College Station is a case in point. It’s “Aggieland” where Cows and tumbleweeds have the right of way, and suddenly I found myself in the in the red part of the red state. Yes, Priscilla and I took a 2 hr. road trip there to see “A Ride With Bob”, the story of Bob Wills’ life with Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel performing. Of course Bob Wills is a big deal down here. He was the songwriter, band leader and maverick of country-swing. Of course I just went “Who”? Oh, “Take Me Back to Tulsa”, yeah, I think I heard that one…I’m such a Yankee. Sigh. At least I have Cowboy boots.

Learning a new city, groking the map, finding new favorite restaurants—even the Mexican food is authentic—as in, “Oh you want Mexican food tonight?” What type of Mexican? Interior or Exterior, Tex Mex or California Mex, and, oh there’s more...

Full disclosure: I haven’t taken the public bus or free ‘Dillo (as in Armadillo) yet. NO I’m not afraid, I just haven’t had to…rides and other small world coincidences have had a way of falling into place that confirms for me that indeed the universe is conspiring for me to be here, and it feels magical. Who’s my new boyfriend? It’s Austin. The Texas welcome mat here is big and it’s clean, freshly vacuumed and smells good too.

Every step I take has had a story attached to it—making new friends, and establishing community here through Yoga, film and music.

I’ve been to the Austin Film Society Mixer, where CK MacFarland (co-creator of A Ride With Bob) spoke last week, as well as Reel Woman, another indie film support network. I’m now a work-study at Yogagroove Bikram Yoga Studio and slowly but surely I’m mapping out my scene.

Last week I saw the SAG awards-where at the end montage of all who have passed this year, there’s the young Heath Ledger. What a sad and sudden loss. We now know it was accidental OD from prescription meds. The Writer’s Strike is near a close yet, there's 21 TV shows on hiatus now--which means 21 sets of actors, crews, catering and cleaning services out of work—It’s detrimental because even when it is said and done, it’s like starting from scratch to ramp up again on all fronts.

Today is Super Tuesday (and Mom’s Birthday) I received this email:
TO: Family, friends, friends of family, professional colleagues and others
FROM: Ted Sorensen
SUBJECT: To Urge Voting for OBAMA on Tuesday, February 5 (Super Tuesday)

I truly believe that February 5th will choose the next President of the United States, and that this choice is more important for our country's future than any presidential election since 1932. After almost eight years of Bush incompetence, indifference and disasters, Senator Obama is the one candidate who can restore America's moral authority and regain the respect essential to our security.

…yet I would vote for Hillary over Obama. She has the best built in Advisor (Bill). I registered to vote here in the blue marble of Travis County.


Wayne said...

There's TV 21 shows on hiatus now
should read "there's 21 TV shows on hiatus now" and, you're in the blue marble of Travis County, not Austin County.

sympetalous stan said...

Hey kid, with you all the way... that is until the last paragraph...

So she's got the best built-in advisor?

Who advised her advisor not to 'fess up right away?

All Billy boy had to say that day
on national TV was "yeah,
I messed around, I'm human,
now let's talk about health care"
that would've taken the wind right out of the sails of Rove and his lizard scumbags...and then Gore would've glided thru with or without Florida...

Then again she'd still make a better candidate than that
wooden stiffie Kerry!!!

Sympetalous Stan