Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer of Self-Care

Nothing like the discipline of a 40-Day challenge being thrown in the mix to keep me on my game amongst parties, BBQ's, vacations and the general hedonistic feeling that accompanies the long lazy days of Summer.
The end of my challenge ended with a family wedding in Chicago, and though I did partake in festivities, the re-introduction of certain foods and drink felt different in my body--somewhat foreign and not welcome. So I believe there is a long-term shift in my consciousness around these habits--mostly because I have created new ones.
I've had new experiences with various workshops and self-enrichment. One was Qigong, an ancient form of mindfulness meditation that regulates the electrical impulse of the brain. The practice is learning to use your lungs and deeply breathe in a way we don't ordinarily. Another tool added to my cosmic tool belt.
I'm grateful to be a part of an intimate group studying with Jenn Wooten and the 'Deepening Your Practice Series" at Yoga Yoga. We've been meeting 2x/wk and studying the Doshas (Pitta, Vata, Kapha) and Dinachariya: Ayurvedic Daily Routine (I still have yet to warmed up to scrapping my tongue) as well as a more conscious yoga practice with being able to drop-in with more focus, move energy with breath and slight physical tweaks--like in plank that have shifted my practice.
I have mentioned in a previous post doing The Artist's Way continuing the theme of self-inquiry. It has affirmed what shifts can be made once you get clear about what you want, how manifestation happens from thoughts and the power behind choosing where you put your energy.
So although my 40-Day challenge is over, I remember there's always someplace to go, to evolve because the only thing we can count on for sure is change.
Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Challenge and for up-ing the ante of how you are 'being' in your life!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happiness is an Inside Job

After passing the 30-day mark and having a handful of days left in this Challenge, it just feels, well, normal.
I need to push my own envelope because abstaining from drinking, avoiding, refined flour & sugars is being imprinted
in a way that feels good in my body--and I have to say it feels good to feel good.
I'm unsure what Day #41 will look like. I think modifying my old habits for good is a take away for sure.

My friend Steven Wilson, of The World Laughter Tour says:
"Happiness, the feeling of deep-down joy of life, and feeling really good about yourself, comes not from acquiring, but by contributing. Serenity comes from getting on good terms with one's imperfection, accepting ones' limitations, and accepting what one cannot change.

Self-esteem, your true worth or value, is not measured by your financial statement, job title, or trophies on a shelf.

You are precious because you are a creation of the highest order of intelligence. If you forget the true source of your preciousness, eventually you will experience an emptiness, a gnawing hunger. There are not enough gold, jewels, cellular phones, sport-utility vehicles, big-screen TVs, or anything material to nourish the soul.
The spirit can only be filled by giving, not by getting."

This is the good type of programming we all need to be reminded of.
Part of why I show up for my yoga practice is to remember these messages and affirmations. Getting into the work of the Artist's Way has been a great companion to my process. Being present to my process--sometimes I don't want to wake up and write--in fact it feels like a chore--I don't know if or when that will change but it's part of the program. Having our intimate Artist Way group has been something I've really come to look forward to--and it's just the beginning.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Raising the Vibration Day 22/23

Happy full moon! It's the Sturgeon Moon, or Corn Moon - the first of two this month!

It's in Aquarius today--the sign of lightning and surprise inspiration. Ah the gift of breathing room--it's for a natural clearing. I'm much much more aware of moon cycle these days. It's a great time-marker for me-- for setting intentions and goals.

Today is also Lammas,where we ponder what we lost in the fire, and what will grow to nourish us: "Lammas is a festival of regrets and farewells, of harvest and preserves."
The 40-day challenge has proven to be a great reflection time.

I'm modifying behavior and seeing how I can make some real shifts after the challenge is over. Just a moon ago, I was contemplating the Yoga Yoga 40 Day challenge--I participate every time it's offered. How is this one different from the last?
How am I different? What am I up to?

Today is Day 22. One day 20, I couldn't help it--I woke up with Bon Jovi's "Half-Way There" Lyrics running though my mind.

I've gotten to the point where my clarity feels sharp like a Ginsu knife and it feels good to feel good.

I'm participating in a yoga workshop (outside YY) and next week begins "Deepening Your Practice" with Jenn Wooten. That's just the type of workshop I've always wanted because I'm interested in fine-tuning my practice and having feedback.

Day 23

Last night was incredibly liberating. I stripped down to my bra and panties and jumped into Barton Springs and howled at the moon! Usually, I am prepared with my towel and bathing suit and I am usually tentative about going in--but I was low energy and last night and Barton Springs is a great healer--I did feel cold off and energized. Thank you Rakefet for urging us to go down and howl at the moon.

Before that, we went to a Kirtan and full moon meditation. Way to ring in August! Raise the vibration. There is more this weekend. I may even "Om the Dome"(flash meditation mob at the Capitol)That is if I say "Yes!"

I'm finding it easier to just say "Yes." A 'No" is always there but a "Yes" requires more effort and courage.