Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yes, try this at home!

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I have gotten to the place where Austin FEELS like home in my bones (and my boots), I love the sunshine on my face and the friendly welcoming people everyplace I go. Shall I go on? Don't stop me--I'm taking in and adapting to the laid-back culture, the alternative, progressive conscious-living vibe. I think I really made a great choice for myself. There's a big NY-Austin and more specifically Brooklyn-Austin synergy lots of people coming and going to and 'fro.

I got a car which means I'm driving everyday and paying the outrageous gas prices--which is all I've known as a car owner. I just started a new position in the Marketing dept. with a wonderful organization--the Jewish Community Association of Austin (JCAA). Shalomaustin.org.
I'm looking at an apartments--seems like the pieces are coming together. The most remarkable thing is that it has been seamless--Remember, I didn't choose Austin--Austin chose me. Austin is an energy vortex, and yes I drank the kool-aid, --I'm here for awhile--but that's all I'm drinking--I've been doing a cleanse (including no alcohol) which feels great. Part of my daily regimen (or at least 5x/wk) is Bikram Yoga at Yogagroove--I simply could not live without it. It is the most purifying thing to be addicted to.

The Tibetan Monks (tibetanmonkstour.org) are in town now. They've made and dispersed a sand mandala in front of City Hall, they've blessed Barton Springs and I had an opportunity to dine with them at a lovely Indian restaurant, The Clay Pit. Such lovely people, it's great that Austin has opened their doors for this group (surprise, surprise)

I'm going to Flipside, the regional Burning Man event--camping with Burning Glam (burninglam.com) which promises to be epic (why bother with Black Rock City) and then to Kerrville with to link up with Chandler.

I'll be working on a film project with Chris Chandler (chrischandler.org) at the end of the month--I'll be shooting from the back of a pick up truck for a one man show with projections/storytelling speaking to a non-existant hitch-hiker in the passenger seat. I love this concept.

Then back in the saddle to ground into my new job. Life is incredibly different from 1 year ago. I'm also reflecting that it was 10 years ago that I was at the Cannes Film Festival--it was the year Frank Sinatra died. Then living in Avignon working on the Avignon/New York FF-what an exceptional Summer that was.
I'm bracing myself for another special Summer--although I've been told that Summer is basically the only season--well here's the four seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer and Deer Season.

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JGE said...

Hello Wendy and lucky Austin, Tx to have you as one its newly transplanted daughter. It's Fri the 13th and not exactly by choice but long-story short I'm liberated from my job. I've got time to BREATHE and BREATHE. I went to your blog for some inspiration. Thank you, thank you for the great stories & pics. You look completely at home & simply happy. Talk to you soon. XO, Joyce