Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fuse Box Austin 2008

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FUSE BOX, created by Ron Berry, is a multi-disciplinary arts festival, celebrating performance art, installations, music, film, dance in an synergy conducive to getting artists to collaborate with each other--in a fringe fest multi venue Edinburgh feeling. Do visit

London's Rotozaza (www. the fest. Founding directors: Ant Hampton and Silvia Mercuriali who performed opening night with their performance "Five in The Morning". I had the pleasure (along with Rebecca) of driving (yes, with that new car-my first passengers) these guys around to Bikram Yoga, Barton Springs, the Salvage Vanguard theater venue, Homestead Hotel & late night at Magnolia's.

There are more highlights of course like meeting all the wonderful artists participating from all over in this festival. Some are from NYC (Reggie Watts, Witness Relocation, The Debate Society) There are a lot of similarities in the respective art scenes. I'm already looking forward next year's installment which will be the landmark the 5th year...

Most of all what I take away from the Fuse Box festival is that I feel like I've found my 'tribe' of creatives--who work hard, play hard, and have a vision. Lucky me! I look forward to participating on a creative level--as well as programming and marketing.

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