Thursday, June 19, 2008

What? A month since last entry?

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That is ashame. I oughtta be out-lawed for saying I keep up a blog and then neglecting it like a chinese food container sitting in the back of my fridge...
This picture is of me filming on the back of a pick up truck with Chris Chandler at the wheel as we traversed the back roads of west Texas getting some beautiful Hill Country footage for Chandler's up coming one-man show. I've been lucky enough to hear a bit of it and I'm loving it! (

Well, In the last month I went to the Burning Man regional event, Flipside, had a birthday, started a new relationship (gasp!) and just a few days ago I signed a lease!--not sure what this whole 'slaker' thing is about here in Austin--but when that sign went up for lease on Ford St., which Ed found, I turned into the competitive, tenacious NY'er I have in me--knowing what a plumb neighborhood (Zilker) and rent it is. Zip code 78704 is comparable to 3rd Street in Park Slope (11215)--the creme de la creme. I was the first one to call and see the space--and remained on the situtation like a chiuaua nipping on this woman's ankle not letting go for second knowing her phone was ringing off the hook with other intersted folk. Phew. It's mine! I get the keys this Summer Solstice weekend.

Now entering my first Summer, having been here for a few months now, here are some observations of life in Texas vs. life in NY.

Texas New York
"I'm gonna go visit with her" vs. "We're gonna hang out"
Howdy vs. Yo
Take your time vs. Hurry up and wait
Armadillo road kill :( (sad) vs. Skunk " " :( (sad)
Migas for breakfast or Bagel w/ a schmear

...I'll continue this list

More soon, promise

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