Saturday, April 26, 2008

Her name is Nellie. As in Whoa Nellie!

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6 months ago today was Cheryl Smith’s birthday and it marks the ½ year anniversary of me stepping foot in Austin, TX. The idea of moving to Austin wasn’t even in my purview. Two days ago (4/21) I bought my first car. It was one of the most thrilling days of my life—I thought she’d be a Toyota or Honda—but here she is-- a white, 2006 Chevy Cobalt—sporty two door car with 53.7 K miles. I drove right from Jarnagin’s Car Dealership ( to Yogagroove and forgot to turn off my lights—so I came out of class sweaty with a dead battery. Some of my Yoga pals (Lydia, Rosie and Wayne) were on hand to loan the jumper cable, use their car and guide the grounding of the black jumper connection—never a dull moment. Lydia gave both Rosie and I a car blessing—the three of us, standing by each car, eyes closed, envisioning safety for all who are in the vehicles and affirming protection from our spirit guides since we both have new vehicles—no license plates yet. I have to go to the Texas DMV and get a new driver’s license—which means I’ll have to relinquish my New York I.D. –the only thing I’m holding onto is my mobile # as NY it is a part of me.

Perhaps buying a car happens everyday for most people—but coming from NY and getting in the driver’s seat as daily habit is indeed a novelty—and I’ve been driving quite a lot as I’m helping drive Brits around for the Fuse Box Festival. More on that later…

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Josh Karpf said...

You did leave NYC -- no one here drives.

Hi a block away from your old home. Glad to see you flourishing in Austin, the best city of Texas with not only great jazz, but bats.