Saturday, April 19, 2008

Damn Yankee!

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Everyone has their own particular story of how they landed in Austin—it’s usually they visited, got seduced (like I did) and moved a couple weeks or months later. Austin has that effect on people. I feel like I didn’t even chose it—actually, Austin chose me.
At the Austin Arts Fair last weekend, I filled out this chalk board “I AM _________”. I love this concept and have done this before in NY, so seeing this installation traveling art message resonated anew since I had some thing fresh to fill in the blank with.

I started this blog 5 months ago on a full moon and here I am, on a full moon, post Bali and now post NY embarking on this new beginning-although I wasn’t running from anyone or anything per se—I think it’s that I’m running from the running, or I choose not to run anymore—the hamster in a habi-trail NY-lifestyle is fine for awhile—but it’s nice to slow down and embrace a whole new way of being. One is not better than the other—I realize changing mid-life course is what has me feel fulfilled, alive and brimming with possibility.

Tonight I was invited to a Passover Sedar at the home of Mark Salmanson. It was a lovely evening considering I wasn’t with my parents and Harry Hahn et. al. I’ve learned that I’m a Damn Yankee-while Yankees can come and visit, a Damn Yankee is one that comes here and stays. Driving a UHaul in the deep south to a life yet still unknown, I learned so much going through the literal and emotional attics of my life in the ultimate uprooting. It's fascinating how one act leads to another and creates a new destiny—if I had never gone to Cheryl’s birthday hootinanny back in October, then the Bali trip wouldn’t have been hatched, which I now know was the cosmic appetizer for this radical move.

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