Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Day in the life can be a triple feature

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Updating a blog happens, “When the spirit moves me” says Agnes Varnum who has an excellent blog covering documentary film amongst other film related pop culture topics, Doc it Out! Now the spirit is moving me—this sunshine-y day helps. It’s 75 here—everyone warns me—oh you haven’t been here for Summer yet—it’s HOT. Well bring it on baby because I’m just thawing out

I’m running to catch up processing the whole SX experience. SXSW is like travel time where the amount that happens in one day is equal to a week—it’s been a swirl. It’s as if there were two different festivals (I’m lumping interactive and film into one here) and then there’s music. So what started as geeks waiting in line, texting and twittering, waiting for their badge, was soon replaced by Manic Panic® primary colored hair people wearing black, many with instruments.

One of my thrills of the week was doing event photography--so I was right in the thick of it. Pictured above is Ingrid Michaelson of "Take Me the Way I Am" fame. Let's hear it for the home-town girl. Also Sara Bareilles and many talented singer-song writers from L.A.

More magic, I reunited with an old friend Marianne Hayden and found other people in common of whom we did not know each other knew in that small world kind of synchronicity that happens at South By. 6th Street was transformed from the usual college kids in bars (Who were on Spring Break), to the South by participants performing in these venues. It was beyond Bourbin Street on a Saturday night. Local veterans of SX will tell you the only time they go to 6th Street is during SXSW, otherwise it belongs to the UT students for the most part.

One doesn’t need a badge per se for SXSW, three’s lots free music and parties and general excitement. In the end, I have a modest mound of business cards and had great connections over the week with music and film peeps. I have this idea of making a film –sorta a Supersize Me concept, where everyone that gives me a business card will have some role in a short mock doc –theme and script TBD.

I have frequented the Alamo—and I would say that The Alamo Drafthouse Movie chain is one of the bonuses of moving here. This week I went in for the triple feature seeing Bud Cort and his films (Brewster McCloud, Harold & Maude, and his directorial debut, “Love and Venus” on the big screen, with him there in person introducing them. What a kitschy night.

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JGE said...

I gather that you're transplanting to Austin, lucky them! Maybe we'll see you nxt time you visit NYC or maybe we'll get out to Austin for a visit. No matter, we'll always be connected. Joyce, XO