Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy YOU Year!

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I send you a happy, abundant, prosperous New Year from “the morning of the world”. We are 13 hours ahead of EST, so I raise a virtual Happy New Year toast in every time zone. The last day of the year always feels sentimental and contemplative for me. I resonate with the New Year that is Rosh Hashanah and the Pagan observance on Halloween—but ultimately writing 2008 as a date and featuring a new wall calendar and date book, really drives the ‘new’ home. Reviewing 2007 in my mind’s eye, I’m ready so say so long, and welcome the opportunity to begin anew, mindful with integrity and intention.

The New Year was lots of fun and wet! It's pretty humorous riding a moped in the pouring rain. We started at a French restaurant, where it poured down before midnight and we all got shelter under the bar area. At midnight the French owner and his brother started playing with spoons on pots and it didn't take long to tire of that, so our night continued at Hu'u Bar where we danced and met up with other friends--Alfred and Johanna, A.K. and Matoez.

I am somewhere between being a tourist and living the routine of a typical expatriate being stationed in Seminyak-using the internet at The Corner Store, bringing laundry in, establishing a relationship with a tailor (Cheryl's job) and becoming a familiar face to the locals. The additional layer is the motorbike incident which is still in process...
I haven't given up on the "Bali Magic", that perhaps the bike will be found and returned before leaving. Certainly I'm living something that is real and that fills this experience with an understanding of 'the system'. Everything is sold to the highest bidder--manipulation and lies abound. There is no regard for women etc. There is a distinct firmness I need to maintain, like continuously applying pressure to a bleeding cut.

If you are a believer that everything happens for a reason--you'd say that if my bike wasn't taken away from me, there may have been a more grave outcome.

...and so it goes

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