Thursday, January 3, 2008

Flip it Good!

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2008 is the “Year of Infinite Possibilities” to quote my friend Jim Glaser a.k.a Costume Jim (, I spoke to him yesterday to get my hit of NY.
Today’s headline from The New York Times is: “Obama and Huckabee Triumph in Iowa”. And for me, Twee Merrigan ( was just what the Doctor ordered to start my day. Well, and the rainbow on the ride over to Desa Seni ( Originally a yoga teacher from NY, I had to come across the world to Bali to meet Twee and other Manhattan gems. I was literally moved to tears. This class marked the end of a week-long retreat she was leading. Carrie and I scooped up the last tasty morsel of it—and it was a good dose of life affirming heart language. The class was reminiscent of my Laughing Lotus Yoga training. We are all magnificent creatures who have boundless power to uplift ourselves, each other, and to change the world. I was reminded there is always a choice--we can choose to flip our observation in any given moment. Of course it is human nature to get caught in the dark places, even yesterday I found myself homesick, even bored—but now, again reminded, I’m in Bali, it’s beautiful, and people don’t come here because it’s not pleasant…if I don’t like a particular circumstance (i.e my stolen motorbike), than it’s up to me to create a new one—or at least a new perception. Afterall, we write the script and direct the film that is our life—whether we are conscious of it (law of attraction, The Secret) or not…

Of the rags that are available around Bali, my favorite is Positive News ( It reminds me of The Onion except that it’s real news, not a send up, from around the world—talk about Pronoia!

I’m developing a new relationship to rain. One of total surrender and appreciation for the sound and the tranquility it makes me feel, the excuse to curl up with a book, or the bonding we all have navigating the weather in our blue rain jackets. The are many micro climates here, so if you look up the weather for Bali during rainy season you will get a wet forecast even if it’s sunny where you are—it’s raining somewhere.

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