Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer of Self-Care

Nothing like the discipline of a 40-Day challenge being thrown in the mix to keep me on my game amongst parties, BBQ's, vacations and the general hedonistic feeling that accompanies the long lazy days of Summer.
The end of my challenge ended with a family wedding in Chicago, and though I did partake in festivities, the re-introduction of certain foods and drink felt different in my body--somewhat foreign and not welcome. So I believe there is a long-term shift in my consciousness around these habits--mostly because I have created new ones.
I've had new experiences with various workshops and self-enrichment. One was Qigong, an ancient form of mindfulness meditation that regulates the electrical impulse of the brain. The practice is learning to use your lungs and deeply breathe in a way we don't ordinarily. Another tool added to my cosmic tool belt.
I'm grateful to be a part of an intimate group studying with Jenn Wooten and the 'Deepening Your Practice Series" at Yoga Yoga. We've been meeting 2x/wk and studying the Doshas (Pitta, Vata, Kapha) and Dinachariya: Ayurvedic Daily Routine (I still have yet to warmed up to scrapping my tongue) as well as a more conscious yoga practice with being able to drop-in with more focus, move energy with breath and slight physical tweaks--like in plank that have shifted my practice.
I have mentioned in a previous post doing The Artist's Way continuing the theme of self-inquiry. It has affirmed what shifts can be made once you get clear about what you want, how manifestation happens from thoughts and the power behind choosing where you put your energy.
So although my 40-Day challenge is over, I remember there's always someplace to go, to evolve because the only thing we can count on for sure is change.
Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Challenge and for up-ing the ante of how you are 'being' in your life!

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