Sunday, July 15, 2012

Want it? Give it Away

Day 5. Today's Angel Card: Balance
Back drop: Listening to the awesome sound pouring rain as I write this blog entry. I feel like today is a day out of time. My relationship to rain has completely changed since moving to Texas. Here, everyone does the happy dance--it's a rare occurrence to have serious downpours. This July has been a blessing to Austin.

A grand experience is unfolding over the next 40 days. Root out old emotional trash that no longer serves you. Raise your vibration with love. Allow the shift to happen (from the Alliance of Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs) July 15-August 22

Isn't that just perfect timing for the 40 day challenge? BTW if you're still thinking about coming aboard the 40-day challenge--pick a day! You have until the 25th.

I was feeling down the other day--for a good reason to be kinda blue & low energy. I have noticed that the endorphin high of practicing yoga everyday and eating well has lessened the severity of these very real feelings I'm processing right now. "Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on." ~Eckhart Tolle ♥ I'm re-reading "The Power of Now" it's a good companion for these days.

Last month I was in New York at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, where I did my 200 HR Teacher Training back in 2004. for a Teachers Reunion Summit weekend. We had some yoga philosophy satsangs together. I love the lesson and reminder of what I call the 'karmic boomerang.' You want love? Give it away. Give someone a hug or teach a child to blow bubbles. You want honestly? Give it away. Looking someone in the eye and being self-expressed gives them permission to mirror you. To get what you want, that's right, you must give it away.

I must also highlight the other part of this equation, which is to 'want what you have'. Instead of riding the wheel of desire--the right house, the right spouse, the right car. Look at what you have already. Think about what other challenges you can take on. Not just the physical practice of yoga--but how about a openness challenge or perhaps patience, compassion or gratitude?

Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on, Get drunk. -Rumi

I am already feeling the dance of this challenge. The emotional ebbs and flows as I take on my goals and cleanse myself for this time. I'm inspired by the chaos of Shiva Nataraja--protector of conscious and unconscious, dancing with the flow of the universe. Lots of power and transformative energy.

Mostly, I need to remember--I may end up where I am heading...

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