Sunday, July 12, 2009

Now Arriving at Destination…

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I haven’t had much to say lately—virtually that is—which seems to be a trend looking over the last few entries. Sigh.

Life is life-ing though. Humming right along. New friends, experiences, relationships—like the one with my car, or more accurately my new toy—a Garmin GPS device with a British accent, the voice of my Scion XA, whom I’ve affectionately named Suki, (Japanese for ‘loved one’) reciting to me in her cold accent phrases like “ In .7 miles arrive at destination on left”

Some friends have Blogs about fashion like Claire James:
Others about documentary film-like Agnes Varnum: “Doc it Out” or about making Alyiah to Israel with Barbara Roth’s
An still others about Raw Food or Yoga—thank you Rebecca Jordan: and

And mine, is well, is about musings…my own personal ‘A-ha’ moments without any particular theme that swirl in and out of my consciousness everyday. These fleeting thoughts have been severely neglected in this blog. I said to Agnes—“I’m having a blog identity crisis” My blog is about nothing—you know, like Seinfeld—just life and it’s idiosyncratic moments I choose to disect because after all, what’s personal is universal—so if I’m amused and so muse—someone else may find it intriguing, interesting, or provocative.

So perhaps, my destination is that I don’t have one and that I’m just sharing whimsical moments of my journey—perhaps inspired by fashion, food, yoga or spirituality.

I continue to be incredibly grateful for my delicious life and appreciating these new connections I’ve made. Today I’m donating blood (this is a big deal for me!) and participating in a movie blitz for the Austin Jewish Film Festival then going on a sunset boat tour. I’m loving Austin in the heat of the Summer.

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