Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vale Vale!

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Oviedo/Gijon (pronounced soft cHE-hon)

Gerry Kaiser ( my very interesting brilliant academic, new friend and catalyst for this impromptu trip met at the airport with our host, Emilio. We have an ocean view from our hotel room. What a treat, especially now living in Austin, I don’t have Ocean views. This small port town feels familiar—the climate and weather reminds me of Mamaroneck meets Wales.

Gerry is here teaching a Mathematical theory 4-day advanced course at the University of Oviedo. Ah, Europe. It’s so nice to be out of the country again. My goal is to go somewhere every year. We meet up with Ari on Saturday in Barcelona.

Before leaving town, two noteworthy events happened—the first was Rebecca Zshozshing my apartment from painting very room, redecorating and organizing it all on a Goodwill/Ikea/Target budget. Excellent work. I have officially moved in and purged all paperwork and memories I’ve been traveling with for 20 + years. I finally got my books out of boxes. I guess I’ll be living on Ford Street for another year…Rebecca made me say so long to my beloved Rocket Dog shoes. Sigh.
The second in event was that Bernie & Saraine—my parents came down for Passover and for the first year ever we 3 experienced a second night Seder. The first was quite big, almost 60 and second a more manageable event with 15 people. We went to the Blanton Museum (free on Thursdays) for an interesting exhibition about the relationship between music/media and architecture called “Birth of Cool” after the 1958 Miles Davis album. We also went to the Umlauf Sculpture Garden, ate lunch Mr. Natural, dinner Artz Rib House (good veggie burger for me) and spent a nice morning with Carole & Kerry Price and Carole’s mother, Audrey.

And now back to Spain—

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