Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Striking a Balance

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Somewhere between sunny days sprinkled in the rainy season, visiting temples and practicing yoga, taking in roadside attractions and fending off tourist vultures (“Do you need transport?”), photographing and experiencing with the naked eye, writing and not turning on a computer at all. I strive to attain balance. The official colors of Bali are Black and White. You can see this on the ubiquitous stripped grocery bags to the decorative parasols and checkered fabric around the sacred Deities. This is to acknowledge the symbolic light and dark side of life and ourselves.

Cheryl and I are a good yin-yang combo platter with different styles, approaches and priorities-balancing our travels together and finding time alone. Days feel like weeks from the perspective of travel. Every few days my brain sends me a message: “Memory card is full”. Keeping up a Blog is a good excuse to download.

It was the Ulu Watu sunset Kecak (pronounced ke-chuck) dance performance that had the light bulb go off for us that said yes, this is uniquely, definitely, Bali. Ulu Watu is one of the sacred temples up high on a cliff revered by the Balinese, although they also believe demons live in the sea. More spiritual centers are located in lush mountain country, like Ubud. There are many aggressive monkeys at Ulu Watu, Cheryl walked around with limited sight in fear of losing her glasses. A monkey swiped a mobile phone from a Japanese tourist while we were there. Me, I carried a stick.
The LeGong dancers are may favorite, I’m enchanted watching them and may take a lesson while I’m here.

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